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Wood Pellets Biomass


Wood Pellet Biomass

Wood Pellet Biomass

  1. Commodity: Industrial wood pellets
  2. Origin: South East Asian.
  3. Quantity: 5.000 MT – 500.000 MT per month
  4. Packing: 600kg-1000kg in Vessel; in bulk container in vessel; bulk in vessel
  5. Payment guarantee: by a non-transferable, irrevocable stand by Letter of Credit (SBLC) for the total value of the contract.
  6. Performance guarantee issued by Seller’s Bank for the total value of the contract. The Performance guarantee shall issue within fifteen days after the Seller receipt SBLC’s Buyer.
  7. Perpayment return bank guarantee: 30% of the total value contract.
  8. Payment every month: by TT, or auto-revolving, at sight LC.
  9. The bank: HSBC
  10. Inspection: SGS, the samples and the SGS test report only provide to the end buyer when the end buyer send the official ICPO to the seller with approval of the bank.
  11. Meeting face to face: two parties only meeting face to face after ending of the ICPO and FCO with approved of each the banks.
  12. Specification:
Diameter: 6-8 mm
Length: Max. 32 mm
Unit Volume Mass: Min. 600 Kg/m3
Total moisture (As Received Basis): Max. 12 % wt
Net Calorific Value (As Received Basis): Min. 4.100 Kcal/kg or 17.1 GJ/Ton
Ash (Air Dried Basis): Max. 2 % wt
Hydrogen (Dry Basis): - % wt
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Above Offer Subject to Contract

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